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ThreeWill helps enterprises and software companies build cloud based applications on the Microsoft and Salesforce platforms using an agile process.

Our promise to our business sponsors:

1. Control – We provide the structure for our clients to control priority of features and budget throughout the lifetime of the project​.

2. Choice – Because we deliver working software every two weeks, we earn our client’s business every two weeks.​

3. Commitment – We take on your challenges like they are our own; you will not find another business partner more committed to your success.

Hear from Our Heroes

Results from an independent customer satisfaction survey done by TNS Global in May 2014


Percent of our customers would “definitely recommend” us to colleagues


Percent rating when asked about the value of our services and the price paid


Percent of our customers rate their satisfaction level with us as “very satisfied”


Percent rating when asked about the technical competency of our consultants


Percent of our customers give us the highest rating when asked about our ability to meet their specific business needs


Number of our customers that provided input to this independent survey done by TNS Global in May 2014

ThreeWill Consulting

ThreeWill has been serving clients in Atlanta for over 13 years.


  • kim-miller

    “ThreeWill came highly recommended to us. Through our due diligence process we had the distinct opportunity to meet with and learn from the experiences of some of their existing clients. It was clear that ThreeWill possessed a very collaborative working relationship with their clients and we experienced this first-hand. They helped us take our outdated SharePoint infrastructure for our extranet and conceptualize, build and launch a new site of essential operational and educational resources for our more than 250 schools nationwide. They challenged us to think a little bit out of the box and thus far the feedback from our highly active users on the site has been very positive.”

    Kim Miller, Executive Director of PR & Communications, Primrose Schools
  • dan-homrich

    “ThreeWill did a great job of designing, implementing and supporting a SharePoint solution. They are very professional and knowledgeable. The work was thorough and high quality. The ThreeWill team were a pleasure to work with and I recommend them highly.”

    Dan Homrich, CTO – Stratix
  • mike-cully-1

    “The ThreeWill team did an excellent job in assisting us in defining the business requirements around a new corporate process. ThreeWill has superb integrity and provides invaluable advice and support.”

    Mike Cully, Director, Global Distribution and Marketing – Fortune 500 Construction and Farm Machinery Company
  • tricia-mercaldo

    “I appreciate the continued opportunity to work with the ThreeWill team…the experience in working with ThreeWill is so very different than the other vendors in this space and I appreciate that you make it easy to do business. We have accomplished a great deal and I look forward to whatever comes next.”

    Tricia Mercaldo, Director, Collaboration Tools & Internal Communications – Fortune 500 Entertainment Company
  • tim-aligheri-2

    “ThreeWill is my preferred SharePoint partner. In partnering with ThreeWill, I have found that they always put customer satisfaction first while providing creative and imaginative ways to solve our business needs. I think the best compliment you can give a development partner is in referring them to other colleagues. I have done this multiple times.”

    Tim Aligheri, CTO – Jackson Healthcare
  • owen-allen-1

    “It has been a pleasure to work with ThreeWill, and I’ve always been happy to represent them as a development company with integrity when other software companies ask about them. ThreeWill understands that helping software companies build a SharePoint-compatible product that can be shipped is different than helping a SharePoint customer with an implementation. It requires a slightly different approach to the project. The focus has to be on the long term sustainability of the product and has to take into account the culture of the client with much more depth. ThreeWill gets this, and works hard to work well with software companies. I look forward to seeing their list of clients with SharePoint integrations continue to grow!”

    Owen Allen, Office 365 Technology Specialist – Microsoft
  • tom-arlotto

    “The team from ThreeWill did an outstanding job for me when PowerSecure, Inc. needed to move to a robust and comprehensive project management system. Our business was doubling every year and we were overwhelmed with project and construction details. ThreeWill evaluated the position we were in. They made sound and well supported recommendations and then provided the experts to implement the new SharePoint system. Good people to work with and they take the time to listen to the client's issues before suggesting a solution.”

    Tom Arlotto, Vice President – PowerSecure
  • steve-pattison-1

    “Working with ThreeWill has been a great experience from the outset, when Microsoft first recommended ThreeWill to us as a leading SharePoint development organization, to this day as Polycom continues to lead the market video enabling SharePoint and other enterprise applications. ThreeWill has been consistently committed to our success, our partnership with Microsoft, and the needs of our customers as we provide video access and scale to the SharePoint user community.”

    Steve Pattison, Vice President, Business Development – Polycom
  • chris-badger-1

    “ThreeWill did a fantastic job helping us refine the scope of our planned SharePoint integration to yield a plug-in that was on-time, on-budget, and high quality. Their agile development process allowed us to assess the trade-off impact of several mid-course changes based on effort, budget and timing. The ThreeWill members are truly SharePoint experts while also being very professional and hard working. We recommend ThreeWill.”

    Chris Badger, Enterprise Business Development Director – Hightail
  • gary-heath-1

    “We’ve enjoyed working with you guys and I’m really happy with our latest releases that we worked on together. We appreciate the high level of quality people that you put on the project — Eric Bowden and Sean Hester have been fantastic to work with… We look forward to working together in the future.”

    Gary Heath, CEO – Informative Graphics

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