Popcorn helps you better respond to incoming calls and prepare for outgoing calls by pulling in information from Salesforce, LinkedIn, Evernote and more. Popcorn is the one-stop solution that pops at the right time, bringing context & intelligence to your phone calls.

Better Prepared

You’ve got three minutes until your next call. Use Popcorn to look up the person you are calling and finding out everything you need to know. This includes recent activity on LinkedIn, the total picture of the caller in Salesforce, and even notes that you’ve taken in Evernote.

Outgoing Calls

Once you are ready for the call, you can use Popcorn to automatically dial your phone (yes, you read that right). You’ll have great conversation starters at your fingertips in Popcorn like the weather in the caller’s area, news about their company from LinkedIn, and stock quotes for their company.

Incoming Calls

Popcorn automatically looks up the caller in Salesforce and shows their contact card in Popcorn if there is a match. You can use your favorite web browser and a second screen (like a tablet or your laptop) to see all the details.

Follow Up

Easily log calls to Salesforce, type up your notes in Evernote, or send a follow up email in LinkedIn. Put a bow on the conversation and make sure the conversation counts.

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